Top 5 Wordpress Plugins to use for On-Page SEO

seo Mar 31, 2020

There are thousands of WordPress SEO plugins. Here we are going to discuss about the top five WordPress plugins to use for on page SEO, that can help turn your site into an SEO powerhouse. Finding a greatest plugin for your WordPress site, that will make sure to speed up and boost your SEO ranking.

From that below list you can find the best top five WordPress plugins to use for on page SEO.

Yoast SEO

There are plenty of WordPress plugins but Yoast SEO is one the most famous plugin. This plugin have approximately 2000 reviews. And the rating of this plugin is 4 out of 5 stars. If you really want to improve your WordPress SEO, this plugin may be the best place to start. There are many features were included, they are

Features of Yoast SEO

  • Type in keywords and analyse you can look how well have optimized for those keywords on pages and posts.

*You can adjust the meta description and title tag to make more attracting and keyword rich. You can see the exact what your Google search engine result is going look like.

You can make your paragraph to be understand by using break up paragraphs or add bullets or add elements like numbered lists or headers.

The plugin can find the duplicate content in your page or post.

Yoast is one of the best resources in the plugin area.

We can find that the plugin is updating every two weeks.

The premium plugin provides a free support, content insights, redirect manager and an ad-free interface on the back end.

In WordPress have an automatic installer for the plugin.

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All in one SEO

If you don’t like to use Yoast SEO, I will prefer to try an All in one SEO. The biggest useful thing is you don’t need any experience to get started. If you can read then you can input the correct data in the correct fields, then you can easily see this plugin. Here you can edit and alter the format to better suit for your needs.

Here search engine optimization helps to makes your site ranking in Google’s search engine and other search engine. Overall, All in one SEO pack gives you as little control as you want.

The SEO Framework

The search engine optimization frame work does the trick for those who want a fast, light weight SEO plugin for WordPress without any ads or upsells. Here the SEO settings are controlled  with few of the tabs, which uses a colored scale to show how close you are to making your post search engine.

Features to make the SEO framework

The search engine optimization framework does not sell anything to you. It will matches most of the wanted features you can find in Yoast, but you are not required to pay for extension.

The colored scale or the colored meter provides a more user-friendly way to check your post is whether or not going to perform well on Google.

In local Search engine optimization extension for your companies that want to set up and display very important local business information.

Most of the search engine optimization are pre configured so that there is little to set up after installing the plugin.

The search engine optimization frame work focuses on the focus subject to motivate more natural writing.


SEOPress is a freemium All in one SEO plugin for WordPress, which have no ads. It is fully white labelled with no footprints even in the free version. It is one the simple and very fast and also says as more powerfull, letting you manage the all of your tittles and met description for pages or posts or post types or terms. Here the free version will also give you a content analysis to help webmaster write better search engine optimization optimized post. When developers can have more than 75 hooks to set up the plugin as they wish.

Features of SEOPress

Your editors and no ads will see the metabox with no reference to SEOPress. Which is also find same thing in the admin bar.

SEOPress lets you add Google Analytics tracking to your site in seconds. Here you can exclude users role form tracking, enable remarketing, setup custom dimensions, cross-admin tracking, IP anonymization, downloads, XLSX, DOCX, tracks PDF and more.

It will make quick easy facebook open graph data and twitter meta tags.

Rank Math

Rank Math search engine optimization is the swiss army knife of search engine optimization tools for your word press website. It comes every thing that you need for taking full control of your On-Page search engine optimization. Here Rank math combines the multiple plugins you using in your workpress site for search engine optimization and brings every thing into one easy to manage plugin that is also light weight.

In rank math, you can manage the On-Page search engine optimization of your products, pages, posts or other taxonomies. You can also control no archive, no follow, no index meta tags of tall taxonomies in general and individual pages or post in particular.

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Rank math will tightly integrates with Google search console to bring important information right inside your WordPress admin dashboard. Here information be like what keywords you are ranking for, find how many of the search impression you website is getting, and see how many errors Google finding on your website etc. that is available in one glance.

Beside of ranking math comes with 404 in built monitor, recommendations, internal link building, automated image search engine optimization, XML site maps, local search engine optimization, rich snippets, redirection etc.

Features of Rank Math

Rank math is one-stop-shop for all your search engine optimization needs.

Each product or page or post runs through an search engine optimization analysis tool based on 40 factors.

Rank math has the options, that are easy to understand.

Rank math user interface is very clean.

Rank math gives you option to automatically add title tags or alt tags to images that are missing them.

Rank math comes with the redirection module that lets you point those 404 errors.